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How Could Web Application (In)Security Affect Me?

How Could Web Application (In)Security Affect Me?

Nearly 55 percent of all vulnerability disclosures in 2008 affected web applications.

Web applications have become the major hunting grounds for cyber criminals who quite rightly view them as low hanging fruit. Just as building new motorways improves access for traditional burglars and car thieves, web applications’ internet accessibility literally delivers them to the hackers’ doors.Web Application

For some time now, cyber crime has simply been another arm of organized crime. And organized crime is pouring a substantial portion of its vast resources into cyber crime… because the return on investment is very high.

Organized crime goes to great lengths to get its hands on any information – and the more confidential it is, the better. Once they’ve hacked into an application, they can either make use of it themselves or sell it on to others. They can also take control of the various resources such as servers and databases that house that information and turn a profit from that as well.

Having gained control of your computing power by exploiting vulnerabilities and adding code to your application. They add your power to their existing haul and create botnets. A global network of …