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Best Way To Protect Your Computer Network

Best Way To Protect Your Computer Network

Protect Computer Network – A compromised or crashed computer network can be devastating, even if it’s temporary. Such an event can halt your business, and cause a loss in revenue and customer trust. It can take up to a day or more to get a network operating normally again if you don’t have any computer networking solutions in place. Considering the loss of revenue that your operation can experience if the network is down, plus the costs to get you back online and get your hardware and software updated, you may not be able to afford to leave your network unprotected.

How to Protect Your Computer Network Run daily spyware and malware scans on your computers. Whether you choose software that’s free or not, the programs are only as good as their updates. If your network connects directly to the Internet, use a firewall that screens incoming and outgoing traffic.Protect Computer Network

Update Regularly

Update regularly. Operating systems generally have their own types of security features. Keep your operating systems and preventative software up to date with the latest bug fixes and security patches.

Run network logging and security tests. Such tests look for vulnerabilities …