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Does Immersion Of Foreign Languages ​​On Computers Work?

Does Immersion Of Foreign Languages ​​On Computers Work?

Foreign Languages Computers – Many people praise the best way to learn languages ​​is through immersion, but it is often difficult to spend time living in another country. Can virtual immersion work? Can immersion in a foreign language on a computer really work?Foreign Languages Computers

The concept of immersion in learning a foreign language is not new, but its presentation has changed in recent times. Twenty years ago a student would go to a country to study languages ​​and really drown in the absence of a translator or teacher. This is a sinking or swimming situation; whether you learn to communicate or have trouble getting around the country and survive. This is a great way to learn languages, but not an easy or practical language.

Even with actual immersion, which you can get through an overseas study program available at any university. It takes months and months to truly learn the language. As an overseas American in France, it takes more than 5 months of constant class, interaction with France, and a lot of frustration forced on France-telecommunications (which can rival some of our worst customer service representatives) to feel semi-confident in French. And …