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Integrating GPS With Application Technology And Web Services

Integrating GPS With Application Technology And Web Services


Integrating GPS systems are currently commissioned in mobile devices. Consider an application such as a customer relationship management or a web service whose decision support system can be based on location aware services. Several techniques for integrating GPS with application technology and web services have been discussed in the previous section.Integrating GPS

Applications based on location aware services:

some factors which would vary from location to location are:

  1. – rent
  2. – legal sales laws
  3. – corporate laws
  4. – currency exchange rate
  5. – market information

Customer relationship management:

CRM applications based on location aware services can integrate local tax laws or legal rules for sales. In this case, customer quotes can be conditionally provided depending upon the location of the requesting user. The quotes can be directly converted to local currency using GPS to identify the location of the requesting user and providing for currency exchange rates instantaneously. Currently, when a local exchange rate is to be used in an application, it has to go through the process of keeping the address of the user and also the process of retrieving the local exchange rate directly instead of requesting for the address.