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3 Steps To A Great Information Technology (IT) Resume

3 Steps To A Great Information Technology (IT) Resume

Great Information Technology – Jobseekers in the technology sector face a unique set of challenges when developing a resume. For starters, you have to deal with the fact that oftentimes the first set of eyes reviewing the documents might not possess an IT background, and therefore cannot fully understand the scope of responsibilities held and accomplishments. Secondly, clutter becomes a major issue when you’re trying to insert technical skills, keywords, professional certifications, and other relevant details within the span of 2-3 pages. How do you solve these problems? How do you ensure your resume makes an impact within the brief period of time a recruiter/hiring manager will spend scanning it? Here are 3 expert strategies:Great Information Technology


During the years I’ve spent working with IT clients on their resumes, I’ve seen all manner of formatting gimmicks, from top-loaded openings, filling up the first page, to flashy sidebars listing certifications and logos, and resumes stretching to 6+ pages. Here’s the simple answer if you’re thinking about “getting creative” with the format of your resume: it DOES NOT WORK. Recruiters and hiring agents are very particular when it …