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The Truth About Hiding Your Songs On The Internet

The Truth About Hiding Your Songs On The Internet

Hiding Your Privacy – We have to give credit to those companies – they give you half of the truth. If they give you the whole story, what they will say is that their software will make your surfing track disappear from your personal computer. Not from the internet.

Now, by saying that, don’t just blow these products by saying “if they can’t get rid of all my personal surfing notes then what’s the use of them?” These products really address half of the more important problems. An effective way to really clean your personal computer! For me, this is very important because it is easier for people to get your computer’s Internet records, through hacking, tracking or direct theft, than for them to get other types of Internet records.Hiding Your Privacy

Hiding Your Privacy – Personal Computer

Want proof? Just ask Gary Glitter, a 1960s pop star who brought his personal computer to make repairs. The store found images and other evidence of illegal Internet activity and called the police! Glitter spent time in prison because he didn’t “clean up his actions” before he took the computer to repair it.

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