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Cool Gadgets for Men

Gadgets for Men

Cool Gadgets, gizmos, technological or electronic advancements. Call them whatever you can, but the fact remains that they are charming, entertaining and helpful. Men and women are all fans, but there are times when certain gadgets fit a certain gender, better.Cool Gadgets

Cool Gadgets – Below is a list of Gadgets that will make men want them soon!

GPS Navigation watching sports – We all know men don’t really enjoy asking for directions and with this handy little device you can always know where you are going without having to tell anyone that you are getting help. For those who are fitness, this can also help you determine the distance you take while jogging and some tell you how many calories you burn.

Alcohol Detector Key Chain

Alcohol Detector Key Chain – Drinking and driving are of course not mixed and an alcohol detector is needed to find out whether you have crossed the line or not. What happens when you can’t find an alcohol detector? You get your own Alcohol Detector key chain, attach your car key here and if your level is too high you know not to drive.

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