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When Buying A New PC There Are Several Things To Consider

When buying a new PC there are several things to consider

– What operating system does it have?
– How much RAM or memory does it have?
– How big is the hard drive?

Buy New Computer. Most of this information can be found quickly from any valuable salesperson. (So ​​you might have to find this in your own box if you shop at a warehouse that also sells shrimp and underwear, not to mention names.)

But there are other considerations that will require a little more research to ensure you make bulletproof purchases.Buy New Computer

Buy New Computer Shopping?

1. How much memory can you have? Windows 7 Home Premium will run on 2 GB of memory, and most on the market have 2, 3 or 4 GB, but is that the limit? Ideally finding a PC that has 4 or more is the beginning and it would be great if you already know that you can add 4 more because it has a RAM slot that is not filled on the board.

2. Does it have integrated graphics? If it is written in the box, a quick check is to look at the back of the floor model and see …