age discrimination in information technology

Discrimination In Computer Information Technology?

Discrimination In Computer Information Technology?


Discrimination In Information Technology – It was 1976 when I first entered the computer industry. That is what was called at that time. I work in a service bureau. This means that we process computer programs for many clients. Computers are programmed by programmers, not software developers. Our company led by the president and system analyst is the power behind the throne. Computer operators and keystroke operators are assembly lines; they are responsible for production. Discrimination In Information TechnologyDiscrimination In Information Technology

There is one data controller that some companies call a production controller. This position is responsible for scheduling computer work based on client needs. They are somewhat like internal account representatives who are always far from clients and members of the technical team who keep the program operational. The production controller is the person who schedules work for the night running, the person who coordinates with the key operator who then becomes the data entry operator, and the person who is allowed to enter the computer room.

The Production Controller

The computer room was secured by a combo-lock that required a password which was typically six digits long before the latch permitted entry. The production …