What You Can Do With A Computer Networking Degree

What You Can Do With A Computer Networking Degree

Computer Networking Degree – Think about how many media to large scale businesses in the United States use computer networks and how critical the stability of those networks are to their daily operations and ultimately their bottom line. If the network goes down, it often means that employees who depend on it confront it on unproductive work days and businesses suffer greatly. That is why there is such high demand for Computer Networking Techs across all industry types. Another name for this line of work is Network Administration and it involves managing the communication infrastructure of computers.Computer Networking Degree

About The Job

All employees have their own workstation, which they perform a variety of tasks. From basic email to complex software apps specific to their job function. When there are problems with the network that require a higher level of professional knowledge. A Network Administrator steps in to help resolve the situation. Workstations and servers are connected on the network and communicate using a variety of protocols such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or TCPIP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).

One way to think of it is to imagine a series of “highways” that, when blocked. Must be freed up so that information and services can again flow as they should. A career in networking entails installation and maintenance of server operating systems, software, network lines, routers, and switches. In addition, It might expect you to manage IP addresses or create and maintain user accounts. The size of the company you work for often dictates how specialized your job is. Smaller companies tend to look for someone who is more of a “jack of all trades” and can adapt to a myriad of networking needs and problems. Whereas larger companies tend to silo positions into more specialized roles.

Computer Networking Degree Programs

A degree in this subset of IT, in a nutshell, provides you with skills in managing, designing, installing, and troubleshooting network systems. There are varying levels of degrees from certificates to bachelor. You will want to do research on individual degree programs to ensure that upon completion, you will be armed with an education level that will get you the job you want. If you thrive on problem-solving, employ logical or methodical thinking skills, and are a strong communicator. You may be an ideal candidate for this line of work.

Degree programs focus on factors such as configuration and installation of network services, security solutions for LAN’s (Local Area Networks), interface issues between private and public networks, information systems, network security, or system performance and reliability. Some computer networking degree programs focus more on aspects of wireless services. And the unique challenges associated with this aspect of networking.

Compensation Factors

Salaries for Network Administrators vary depending on several factors including level of education, experience, employer type, and geographic location. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for networking professionals is $61,250. Some metropolitan markets such as New York pay an average of $83,000 or Washington D.C. with an average of $84,000.

In larger companies, there are often first and second line hierarchies where unresolved issues become escalated. Often, those who have proven to be effective can move into top tier levels boasting higher salaries; however, some of the duties out in the field do not use this approach.

If you are an analytical person, enjoy solving problems, and have an interest in technology, a computer networking degree could be just the ticket.

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