What Do You Need to Know to Become a Computer Network Administrator?

What Do You Need To Know To Become A Computer Network Administrator?

Computer Network Administrator, Employees in modern-day organizations must have timely access to information assets so that decisions can be made and business continuity maintained. Most do so through inter-networked computers. Computer network administrators must also manage it to meet organizational goals.

An individual who has the skills and knowledge to work as a computer network administrator is in high demand. The role is one of the hottest IT related jobs. The number of job opportunities available to project this technology will grow by more than twenty two percent (22%) in 2020. l growth rate and opportunity for those looking for the right career or those who want to make a change.Computer Network Administrator

The person who manages an organization’s networks must be very knowledgeable and highly skilled. He or she must understand Internet protocols (i.e. TCP/IP) as well as operating system software and hardware (i.e. servers). Network administrators must be experts in deploying and maintaining application software and specialized hardware. They must also have an understanding of how to grant access to the information infrastructure which includes implementing organizational security policies.

Monitoring The Performance Of Network

Monitoring the performance of network operations is part of the job. Network managers must watch for bottlenecks that may occur in bandwidth utilization and analyze other resource issues. other employees need people who are able to solve problems and provide continuity of service. Able to strategically plan for the expansion of an organization’s needs as well as solve problems every day. They work with LANs (Local Area Networks) and WANs (Wide Area Networks).

The task of educating employees on the appropriate use of information resources in the organization frequently falls upon the network managers. That task includes how to use the systems in an appropriate manner. Therefore, the managers of networks must be skilled at communicating with others – both orally and in writing.

Computer Network Administrator

Administrators must, at times, prepare yearly budgets, maintain service contracts with third parties and make both hardware and software purchase decisions. They may even work in concert with network architects and project managers when implementing new projects.

Employment opportunities span the entire scope of business and industry as well as the public sector. People need knowledgeable people to run networks for law enforcement, education, and non-profit organizations. Computer telecommunications specialists are also responsible for other special equipment such as wireless access points and switches.

People who operate networks must be able to multi-task. They are the first people to call him when the “computer goes down”. They may even supervise other IT employees who perform non-managerial related tasks.

Network administrators must have an appropriate level of education (at least post-secondary or college) and possibly certification. It can range from Network+ to Cisco or Microsoft certification. Having familiarity or experience with emerging virtual computing is highly desirable. Their salaries could approach $100,000 a year depending upon experience and technical skills.


The people who know how to install and manage computer networks are in high demand by employers. The more that they know (i.e. monitoring network performance, modifying the network structure, updating and maintain hardware and software), the better.

Individuals who are skilled in computer networking can develop additional expertise and climb the career ladder to become network architects or chief information security officers.

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