Increase Your Computer Networking Salary

Increase Your Computer Networking Salary

Computer Networking Salary – There are many steps you can take to earn more money when you work within the Computing Network. These steps may be attractive for some, but are certainly not for everyone. Some people are comfortable with the job they have and don’t really have the ambition to earn more money. While others are okay earning what they earn today and are not willing to take any risk to earn more. These are perfectly fine stances to take and if you are comfortable and happy, you should probably stay where you are. However, if you want to try to earn a better living, this article will give you some suggestions to do so.Computer Networking Salary


To determine if you can earn more as a contractor, you have to determine what your additional costs are as opposed to a full-time job. Of course, there are probably more networking jobs available if you don’t mind the short term gigs. However, you have to make sure that you calculate exactly what you are being paid before you accept any networking project. Also, many of these contractor jobs start out at a higher wage, and actually increase at a faster rate than most full-time jobs. Once you fulfill your contract, you can certainly renegotiate if they want you to stay on longer.

There are a bunch of items you have to deduct from your hourly rate to figure out exactly how much you are making in real dollars. These fees include self-employment tax, health insurance, sick days, vacation days, retirement plans, and you should make a little extra beyond this as there is more risk in working as a contractor.

The good news is most people in the computer networking industry earn more as a contractor even after deducting these fees. Just like any business, you have to take your revenue, and deduct expenses. What you are left with is your salary.


I’m listing consulting here differently than contracting as you can be a consultant and a full-time employee. Within our industry consulting jobs typically pay quite a bit more as you are a revenue generating employee when work as a consultant. If you have the skillset to work on many different projects and your employer can keep you at customer sites full-time, they can afford to pay you more.

The downside of working this type of job is that you will be required to travel frequently. This includes all over the country and within your existing geographical area. These are costs that have to be factored into your decision. While your employer will pay 100% of your travel expenses, how much time will it add to your weekly schedule? It is not uncommon to have an employer expect you to fly somewhere on Sunday night and fly home EOD on Friday.

When you figure in commuting to the airport (twice), waiting for flights (twice) and actual time in the air this could easily turn your 40 hour position into 60. Therefore, if you are going to compare working for a national consulting firm, and a company 10 minutes away from your home, you may require 1.5x the salary you are being offered down the street.


Many employers want to see advanced certifications regardless of your experience levels. While there may be jobs out there that pay well that do not emphasize certification, there are at least an equal number of employers that do.
In computer networking, just the jump from a CCNA to a CCNP can open many different doors. Indeed, the CCNP to the CCIE can be a massive jump in the number of jobs you can apply for. Thus if there are jobs that pay much more than you are earning now and require certification, you will get a very fast return on your investment.

The bottom line is there are three ways to increase your salary level in computer networks. Work as a contractor so your employer saves money over a full-time employee, work as a consultant so your employer earns money for every hour you work, or increase your skillset through certification.

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