How To Separate Yourself From Professionals In Social Networks

How to Separate Yourself from Professionals in Social Networks

Social Networks Professional / personal gaps for social networking are a big problem for many people. These are the questions we have asked in every event, presentation, or workshop on social media that we have delivered, during a private networking session, and are heard as participants at other media-related social events.

Personal privacy issues play a role. The legal responsibility and reputation of the company also play a role. And the media highlights the incidents of people who don’t use common sense or don’t know how to properly control their privacy settings.Social Networks

You may have heard about the part-time employees of the Philadelphia Eagles who complained on Facebook about trade that the Eagles did not, and as a result were fired. Doh! Or someone who lost a job offer from Cisco because of tweeting about the choice of receiving a good salary but hating work and travel.

Things like this happen all the time, and occur long before social media appears. Stupid e-mails accidentally send messages to the entire company, inappropriate statements at meetings, bad behavior on the office list continues.

Personal privacy issues play a role

So, instead of limiting professional / personal conversations to social networks, let’s look at networking in general.
When you go to an “offline” network event, have you ever, only, and exclusively talked about business? Of course not! You talk about weather, baseball, traffic, children, films, and all other types of water-cooling topics that ultimately become fertile ground for creative collaboration, attractive services, and even striking business deals.
It is common knowledge that, in essence, business is not about “business.” It’s about people and relationships. People want to create relationships, and do business with people they like, respect, and feel comfortable with. To make it possible, mixing professional and personal – in a way that feels comfortable to you. Demonstrating professionalism, and respecting the principle of respect and courtesy. Has never been this easy, or smarter, for the success of your business.

professional versus personal

As a result, when asked about “professional versus personal,” we added the third category to the conversation – “private.”

“You are not talking about how you want to tell your boss with every four-letter word you can think of.

“You don’t enter anything online that will make

In fact, ask yourself the plausible question, “Would I be fine if it was read or seen by millions of people, including my neighbors, colleagues and grandmothers?” before you share your thoughts online is all you really need to do to manage professional / personal / personal gaps.

Clients, prospects, partners and allies You all want to know there are smart business minds when they connect with you. They also want to know that you are human. As businesses become increasingly competitive, personal connections become more vital.
Social networking tools allow you to combine professional and personal with your own unique self-confidence and talents, for maximum value. So dive in and start sharing!

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