Computer Networking – Securing Your Wireless Connection

Computer Networking – Securing Your Wireless Connection

Securing Computer Networks – It is not uncommon for people to frequent coffee shops, restaurants that have wifi. They can go to these places on lunch breaks or on a business meeting and be able to access the Internet from these locations. In these situations, it can be helpful to have these wireless hot spots as we have come to know them. But I wanted to talk about the importance of securing your home or business wireless signal. Many homes nowadays have high-speed Internet and many people have purchased wireless routers. For most of us, we go the local Best Buy or Office Depot but the wireless router and take it home plug it in and begin surfing on the Internet.Securing Computer Networks

What most people don’t realize is that most wireless routers are not set up with any kind of security right out of the box. Which means if you just take it out of the box and use it you could be allowing your neighbor, a person sitting in a vehicle down the road to access your now wireless Internet. For some people, they don’t mind keeping their wireless unsecured and letting their neighbors connect to it. But I would like to explain some of the things that can happen when running an unsecured wireless signal.

Issues With Running An Unsecure Network:

Insecure networks or wireless signals can allow your neighbor or anyone within signals reaches to connect to your Internet and begin surfing the web. This can cause numerous issues. For example, if you live in a subdivision and your neighbor happens to have a laptop with a wireless card. They could connect to it and begin downloading music.

They could, in theory, download hundreds or thousands of songs from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) without you even knowing. The result can be that your ISP may contact you by mail or telephone telling you that someone is downloading music illegally.

In these situations, you may have your Internet account shut off. Worst-case scenario you could have someone like the RIAA prosecuting you for illegally downloading and sharing music.

Other things that can occur with having an unsecured wireless signal is that in some cases the person that connects to your wireless may be able to see your shared files on your computer. Then, Not only that they may be able to take some of those files. So imagine if you had bank statements, your social security number, your address, phone number, etc. You could be setting your self up to have your identity stolen.

Steps To Take To Secure Your Network:

One of the things that you should do is secure your wireless signal so that only the people you want can access your wireless. There are several ways to secure your wireless signal such as WEP Encryption, WPA, MAC Filtering, etc. In other words, All of these are designed to keep unauthorized people off of your wireless connection.

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