The Magic Button – The Real Secret To Internet Marketing Success

The Magic Button – The Real Secret To Internet Marketing Success

Internet Marketing Success – Anyone that has been in Internet Marketing for any length of time will hear that there is no magic button to Internet Marketing Success.  Well, I am here to tell you, I have finally found it after years of trial and error. I found it and before I could publish it to the world, some unknown shoe company beat me to it.  This little company called Nike said Just Do It.

Wow, what a secret.  A major disappointment.  If you are like me, you enjoy reading those sales letters.  The juices get to flowing, and you finally found that magic button. And you can envision cashing those checks because anytime you want. And you can push that magic button and outflows a never-ending stream of cash.Internet Marketing Success

The Magic Button

You send your payment and can’t wait for the download. And it finally arrives and you are about to hit the magic button and then it hits you like a ton of bricks as you read your new-found report and there really isn’t an easy, fix-all, do nothing program as simple as hitting a button or wishing that money would flow into your coffers without any work.  It is then that reality hits and you actually have to do some work.

As you are driving home after your disappointing episode your eyes glance upward as if you are searching for the guru on the mountain as he burst on the scene to give you the answer you have been searching for.  Instead of the Guru on the Mountain, your eyes fasten on a billboard with an advertisement from a shoe company and all it tells you to Just Do It!

Now you have the answer. You can be the Guru on the Mountain as you tell others that you have discovered the magic button and you can tell them about it also.

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