Computer Internet Security – Dealing With Unwanted Visitors

Computer Internet Security – Dealing With Unwanted Visitors

If you are a computer user of all types, recreational surfers, gamers, or internet marketers, the risk of attacking a computer virus does not have to be entirely new to you. Computer internet security is a big business today as evidenced by the many internet security products or internet security systems that are currently available to help protect your computer and / or network. With anywhere from 100-500 new computer viruses found every day the most important of these is a very profitable niche to be on today.Internet Security

Internet Security Computer

But ideally most readers of this article will install a kind of internet security computer. Because most commercially sold computers are equipped with several types of pre-installed antivirus security and operating systems. Such as Window XP and Vista have at least one basic program running that will detect many common viruses. Provided you do your updates regularly.

Unfortunately this “free” antivirus whether part of your computer is O / S. Loaded on your computer or available as a download can only give you basic level protection. Of course this is not the best internet security available, but it is definitely much better than no virus protection at all.

All types Of Computer Security Systems

For example, all types of computer security systems will give you a kind of warning about a virus infection. Most often a kind of scanning log that tells computer users. What steps should you find and the steps you must take to deal with the threat of a virus. Unfortunately you get what you pay for in connection with an antivirus program, so the quality of the computer’s internet security software that you install will determine how many types of viruses will be identified, (provided you make routine updates), and deal with them effectively. Unfortunately it is very possible that you might have a virus on your computer that your current antivirus program, or less than that, might not even identify there.

Apart from a large number of viruses hiding in cyberspace or hidden in infected software, there are a number of common characteristics that will give us strong clues that we have unwanted visitors inside our computers. These instructions include:

  • Keyboard problems that aren’t explained like buttons suddenly don’t work or don’t do what they should.
  • The program loads and runs slower than usual.
  • Data files are missing or files that will mysteriously no longer open.
  • The computer hard drive is filled for no apparent reason.
  • The monitor screen displays unusual colors or letters moving down the screen.
  • Display on machine crap screens, silly messages, threats, etc. Without apparent reason.
  • Email sent from your computer to people in your address book, without your knowledge

That Happens on Your Computer and Your Network

Unfortunately, the list above may not be all that happens to your computer and your network. Therefore, Many viruses now operate in the background of doing their dirty business without you realizing it. Like the famous “key logger” virus, which can steal your passwords and credit information. Then forward them to the author without your knowledge! Obviously when you realize that there is a strong possibility that your computer and / or network is under attack. STOP uses your computer system until you can handle threats effectively. This might mean buying and installing good computer internet security software or updating what you have for something better. If you are a network user, immediately notify your network administrator of attacks to help prevent virus infections from spreading to other users.

Remember the best computer internet security starts with YOU the owner of a computer operator. And how much you want to practice safe computing practices and spend money on the best internet security software you can afford.

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