Info Computer – Do You Know How To “Lock Down A Computing Session?

Info Computer – Do You Know How To “Lock Down A Computing Session?

Info Computer – Do you know how to secure your computer’s screen when you take a break or leave the immediate vicinity of your workstation? You should.

Most people get up in the middle of working on a project and walk away. You might be going to lunch, responding to a hastily called meeting or going to the kitchen or break-room for a snack. Think about the following question “Do you really want someone who is walking past your computer to be able to read the screen’s contents or to have access to your machine”? Most of us would respond, “No”.Info Computer

Being security conscious and slightly paranoid concerning your workstation is wise. National studies related to computer crime have indicated that the threats from insiders against information assets are nearly as bad as threats from the malicious crackers.

Learn How To Secure Your Workstation

Learn how to secure your workstation when you leave it unattended. On a Windows based machine, you can secure the screen by simultaneously depressing the CTL-ALT-DEL keys. You are presented with a list of options and you can choose to “Lock” your computer

Make sure, however, that you remember your password before locking your machine. Otherwise, you may be securing your computer from yourself. You will be required to re-enter your password when you want to log back into your machine to resume working.

You can use similar techniques with the OS X an operating system that is found on Apple’s Macintosh computers. That is, you can blank out and lock the display on your Mac to keep others from observing what is on the screen (without leaving the application in which you are working).

First, put your Mac to “Sleep” by selecting the “Apple” icon on the display screen. A pull down menu appears. Select the “Sleep” option. The display will go blank in a few moments. (You merely have to touch any key or space bar to turn on the display and to continue working where you left off).

You Must Take Additional Action

First, you must take additional action, however, if you want to secure the workstation completely. Select the Apple icon on the menu bar. A pull-down window with options appears. Select “System Preferences” menu and then select the “Security” tab. Click on the option “Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver”. Be sure to remember your password before you activate this option or you run the risk of locking yourself out of your own computer the same way as explained with a Windows-based machine.

Securing the keyboard and screen are very good solutions for blocking access to your workstation from any passersby. You need to remember that in each case, a person with “administrative” privileges can still log-in to your workstation and open a session.

Info Computer

You should also be aware of one other matter. And you must save your work before leaving the workstation, especially if you are worried about the possibility of the power being manually turned off or if you are concerned about a possible loss of electricity to your computer (i.e. a power loss in a storm).

Upon returning to your workstation you simply log-in and provide your user name and password. Your screen should be restored to the exact state in which it was before you left it.

Providing for security at the workstation is the joint responsibility of the user and the business or organization. Follow any security policies that might exist and be proactive when protecting information assets.

You can learn more about information security and how to protect your information assets at the free website,


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