Data Security And Computer Information – An Introduction Discussing Risk, Solutions, And Prevention

Data Security And Computer Information – An Introduction Discussing Risk, Solutions, And Prevention

Data Security Information – What is your data worth to you? It’s almost an impossible task trying to put a value on data. It could have taken time to produce, or maybe it was very quick. Maybe the information can be sold for a price, maybe the value is variable, depending on the worth of the purchaser. An important question when thinking of the value of data is, who owns it, and who has rights to it, as the responsibility lies with who? If you are responsible for the data, then there are other values involved such as what happens if this information falls into unauthorized hands.Data Security Information

How could this information ever fall into the hands of those it does not belong? Well, the usual answers come up, cybercriminals could access the data from off-site. We all think of the Wiki-Leaks problem facing many corporations and governments these days.

comfortable thinking about some of these

But what other threats are out there that we aren’t so familiar with? Maybe we aren’t so comfortable thinking about some of these, as we believe that we can trust those around us. However, there is a risk that there could be somebody accessing your computer, or one of your company’s work-stations while it is left unattended. It is quite possible that a colleague or employee could wish to take important information and use it for ulterior motives.

But there are even more likely ways that data can leak from a company system, and that is through community members who access the computer when leaving it alone. There are many environments where member sofa the public are with professions while computers are located nearby. In such circumstances, it is very possible that while people they don’t supervise can sneak up at computers and gather the information they don’t know.

Data Security Information – So what could possibly happen if Joe public manages to obtain a snippet of information? Well, they could embarrass your company by going public with the fact that they were able to access your secure data. It would certainly play well for the news to report such an instance and this could have a hit on your company’s confidence in the business and public’s eye.

Here in the UK the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Here in the UK the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) takes a very strong stance on the matter of data loss and is known to hand out hefty fines for company’s and governing bodies who fall foul to information breaches. In the past 6 months, there have been several occasions where they have submitted it to A50,000 small businesses as punishment for losing personal information.

So what can we do to keep our data secure? Surely by now it is second nature for us all be running firewalls, to keep out cyber threats. We have competent hiring systems to screen out possible bad employees who could cause harm to our company.

Data Security Information

But when it comes down to individual computers we should all be locking our computer. The operating system manufacturers have made it simple for us to lock our work-station. We have systems that are easy to encrypt.
But what about when we forget to lock our computers? It is human nature after all that we may forget to do something once in a while. And it is only natural that we won’t always lock our machine as we leave it. Well, there are various solutions available worldwide which could help us do the job of maintaining our information security.

On Amazon, you may come across a device which will lock your screen using radio transmitters in your USB port and in your pocket. It’s cheap and does the job some of the time, and sometimes when you don’t need it to lock up. It can also easily be bypassed. There are ways to connect your computer to your smartphone via Bluetooth. But hackers can also crack because of the unsafe nature of Bluetooth.

Then there are devices around which are smart enough to know how far you are from your computer. Whether you are moving away from it or not and safely decide to lock your computer at the correct time.

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