The Top New Eco-Friendly Gadgets

The Top New Eco-Friendly Gadgets

Eco-Friendly Gadgets

Eco-Friendly Gadgets – As the world becomes more environmentally conscious there are many products you can now buy that either use nearly no electricity or actually use solar power instead. But since we want the top new eco-friendly gadgets it will probably be best to focus on those that actually need no power source at all!

The First

An invention that really does seem revolutionary to me is the hand held wind up charger. That’s right an actual charger that allows you to simply wind its handle to generate your own charging power for your phone. The reason this makes the first appearance in this list of the top new eco-friendly gadgets is not just because its portable and may be something you want to include in your ‘in case I get lost in the woods kit’ but also its price, at only £5.99 it seems like the perfect price for something so practical. With every 3.5 minuets of hand power you provide you will get 8 minuets of talk time. The compatibility list is a bit short only covering;

Eco-Friendly Gadgets List

Nokia 3210/3310/3330/8210/8250

Motorola Star tac/cd920/930/928/V3688/V8088/V3690

Ericsson T28/T20/T29/T39M/T39/T60/T65/T68/R320/R310/R380/R300/R520m

Siemens C25/C35/C35i/M35/A35/A36/A40/SL45/S45/SL45i/SL42

The Second

To be mentioned of the top new eco-friendly gadgets is the solar-powered lamp. The lamp has been specially designed in order for it to be charge in as little as 8 hours during the day by using is own solar panel. When the battery has been fully charged the lamp can produce 8 hours of light on the low brightness setting. And 4 hours of light when switched to high brightness. The price of this solar powered lamp is also around the £5.99 mark and will always be an invaluable piece of kit when going out on a camping trip as well as simply saving you money in the house.

The Third

The product that will appear in the paragraph on the new eco-friendly gadget is a solar-powered clock. Now I know you may have already seen this product out and about but I bet you have never seen one with a backlight before for night time use? And you might not have seen a solar powered clock that also works fine affixed to your wall indoors. This product would be at the top of the list but since it’s still not out on the market yet it gets pushed down to number three.

The Last

The product I will point out is the solar powered battery charger. The reason it hits the bottom of the list is that it is only as the prototype stage so will not be hitting the shops for at least a year. However, the concept is fairly simple. You fill it from the top with uncharged batteries and fully charge ones come out the bottom when done. The process should take round 8 to 12 hours, depending on sunlight. Hopefully, more products will be out soon, or at least the concepts of new products. For a top new eco-friendly gadgets list part two.

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