10 Useful IPad Gadgets That Cost Less Than $50

10 Useful IPad Gadgets That Cost Less Than $50

Useful IPad Gadgets – But then again, there just seems to be so many things that one has to get, so that this gadget will be secured and could be used with ease. The price though, should not be so much of a problem for they cost less than $50.Useful IPad Gadgets

Useful IPad Gadgets – What are these important gadgets?


1. Incipio Kickstand

This is one of the most attractive iPad stands in the market today. It is also very practical because it converts into a stand in folio style when opened. It has a black leather outer cover, with a soft suede inner lining. The design is made specifically to make typing or video watching on your iPad easier to do. The best part of this accessory is that it costs no more than $30.

2. iPad waterproof cover

Protecting your iPad is compulsory, and this can be done easily because of so many waterproof covers in the market today. This is perhaps one of the most useful things that you could get for your gadget. As it is very sensitive to any liquid, it is very important that you keep it protected from accidents or from sudden weather changes. Typical covers only cost around $30.

3. iPad keyboard

This is your best alternative to typing on your screen. There is still nothing that could beat the convenience of typing on a keyboard, but for your iPad, there are a few options of using a real keyboard using a Bluetooth or power point connection.

4. Skin case

This is a great substitute for an iPad cover. If you believe that any zip lock-looking cover is not at all stylish, then using a skin could be a very great alternative as it comes in different colors. The price ranges from $10 and up.

5. Carrying case

This is very important for carrying your gadget because it protects your iPad from weather conditions, shock and other mechanical trauma. You will also be able to carry it without hassle.

6. iPad Charger

Get this for your car and for other mobile devices. If you are the adventurous type with a lot of schedule for travel, it is about time that you get a travel charger that is handy and affordable.

7. An iPad Camera Connection Kit

This is great for those who love to upload photos in their favorite photo sharing sites. The camera kit has everything that you need to transfer the photos from your camera’s memory card.

8. Protective screen film

This is a must-have to make sure that your screen is perfectly protected against scratches. It is also very sensitive to temperature changes so the screen film actually regulates the temperature within the screen.

9. Speakers or ear phones

These accessories are also very helpful. Hearing music from an iPad is an instant lifesaver if you get bored. With a decent set of speakers or ear phones, listening to great music is not so hard to do.

10. Car charger adapter

This is an iPad’s life saver. When you are busy on the road, you simply get the car adapter and you can store enough life for your iPad to work once you reach your destination.

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