When Buying A New PC There Are Several Things To Consider

When buying a new PC there are several things to consider

– What operating system does it have?
– How much RAM or memory does it have?
– How big is the hard drive?

Buy New Computer. Most of this information can be found quickly from any valuable salesperson. (So ​​you might have to find this in your own box if you shop at a warehouse that also sells shrimp and underwear, not to mention names.)

But there are other considerations that will require a little more research to ensure you make bulletproof purchases.Buy New Computer

Buy New Computer Shopping?

1. How much memory can you have? Windows 7 Home Premium will run on 2 GB of memory, and most on the market have 2, 3 or 4 GB, but is that the limit? Ideally finding a PC that has 4 or more is the beginning and it would be great if you already know that you can add 4 more because it has a RAM slot that is not filled on the board.

2. Does it have integrated graphics? If it is written in the box, a quick check is to look at the back of the floor model and see where the video is connected. If it’s up to USB input, it’s integrated. The next question, is there a PCI Express slot? This allows you to update your video card, provided the power supply will support it. For our purposes here, I will not discuss the latest and greatest cards available, but the option to include a budget video card can speed up a little or at least provide failed security if the onboard video port dies on you. That indeed happened.

About The Operating System

3. A word about the operating system, if it says “Starter” move away. Windows 7 Home Premium or anything above will be fine for almost all users.

4. The size of the hard drive, mostly out of the box with a 500 GB or more hard drive, most people will never want to use it. (My PC has 160 GB with 40 not used). Don’t waste money to get bigger unless you know you need it. If you save a lot of movies on your PC, that may require additional fees. But I will spend that extra money on an external drive that is good for my backup.

5. A word about processors, if you check email, browse the web, type paper now and then, the way most people only have to have it, you won’t see much difference in performance. Now if you like games think quad core 3.0 is minimum.

That wraps it pretty much, good luck.

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