How To Start Computer Consulting Today

How To Start Computer Consulting Today

Computer Consulting – I think the main reasons people start computer consulting on an independent level are:

  • They are looking for a change.
  • They want to work for themselves.
  • Do They are forced into it.

For me, it was the latter. I got laid off from work multiple times within a few short months. At the time it was disheartening, but looking back it was the best thing that ever happened to me from a career standpoint.Computer Consulting

Regardless of the reason for wanting to start computer consulting, it raises some common questions:

  • Can I make enough money?
  • Can I find enough clients?
  • Do I know enough to be successful?

The answer to the first two questions is yes. Ask anyone in the computer consulting industry and they will probably tell you the same thing. Technology is everywhere and the technology gap between the people that understand it and the people that don’t is growing. There is no shortage of clients and money to be made.

start talking to small businesses

Now whether or not you know enough can be a different story. Only you can answer this question. I personally think that if you know the basics of networking, the Windows operating system and have some good troubleshooting skills, then you can find a niche group of people to support. You going to learn something new every day in this field and your skill sets are going to continually grow.

If you feel you know enough to give it a shot or want to give it a shot to see if you know enough, then my advice is to go out a try and pick up some work and see what happens. I suggest you take the most direct approach and go out and start talking to small businesses about your services. This is what I did when I got started and I still do this today when I have time. The approach of going door to door has yielded me the best results over any other form of advertising or marketing I have ever done.

Don’t make it complicated

Don’t make it complicated. Print up some simple fliers, either professionally or create your own from a word doc. Put your name, rate, phone number and the services you offer on it. Most importantly, put a headshot of yourself on it. People will still remember who you are when they come across your flier weeks later.

Formulate a simple dialogue that is short and sweet. For example, “my name is John. I am a computer consultant in the area and I am trying to get the word out about my business. If you need any help what so ever, I would love to help you out.” Hand them a flier as you are giving them your dialogue and as soon as you are finished taking, head for the door. Don’t stick around waiting for a response. This can make them feel uncomfortable.

Pick a desirable business district comprised of many types of businesses and stores and give it a shot. The first few people you talk to may not go to smooth but this will get the kinks out of your routine and you will improve your approach when talking to people.

For anyone who thinks they may want to start computer consulting, try this approach. It’s something you can do today, it’s inexpensive and it works.

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