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How Could Web Application (In)Security Affect Me?

How Could Web Application (In)Security Affect Me?

Nearly 55 percent of all vulnerability disclosures in 2008 affected web applications.

Web applications have become the major hunting grounds for cyber criminals who quite rightly view them as low hanging fruit. Just as building new motorways improves access for traditional burglars and car thieves, web applications’ internet accessibility literally delivers them to the hackers’ doors.Web Application

For some time now, cyber crime has simply been another arm of organized crime. And organized crime is pouring a substantial portion of its vast resources into cyber crime… because the return on investment is very high.

Organized crime goes to great lengths to get its hands on any information – and the more confidential it is, the better. Once they’ve hacked into an application, they can either make use of it themselves or sell it on to others. They can also take control of the various resources such as servers and databases that house that information and turn a profit from that as well.

Having gained control of your computing power by exploiting vulnerabilities and adding code to your application. They add your power to their existing haul and create botnets. A global network of …

Info Computer – Do You Know How To “Lock Down A Computing Session?

Info Computer – Do You Know How To “Lock Down A Computing Session?

Info Computer – Do you know how to secure your computer’s screen when you take a break or leave the immediate vicinity of your workstation? You should.

Most people get up in the middle of working on a project and walk away. You might be going to lunch, responding to a hastily called meeting or going to the kitchen or break-room for a snack. Think about the following question “Do you really want someone who is walking past your computer to be able to read the screen’s contents or to have access to your machine”? Most of us would respond, “No”.Info Computer

Being security conscious and slightly paranoid concerning your workstation is wise. National studies related to computer crime have indicated that the threats from insiders against information assets are nearly as bad as threats from the malicious crackers.

Learn How To Secure Your Workstation

Learn how to secure your workstation when you leave it unattended. On a Windows based machine, you can secure the screen by simultaneously depressing the CTL-ALT-DEL keys. You are presented with a list of options and you can choose to “Lock” your computer…

Integrating GPS With Application Technology And Web Services

Integrating GPS With Application Technology And Web Services


Integrating GPS systems are currently commissioned in mobile devices. Consider an application such as a customer relationship management or a web service whose decision support system can be based on location aware services. Several techniques for integrating GPS with application technology and web services have been discussed in the previous section.Integrating GPS

Applications based on location aware services:

some factors which would vary from location to location are:

  1. – rent
  2. – legal sales laws
  3. – corporate laws
  4. – currency exchange rate
  5. – market information

Customer relationship management:

CRM applications based on location aware services can integrate local tax laws or legal rules for sales. In this case, customer quotes can be conditionally provided depending upon the location of the requesting user. The quotes can be directly converted to local currency using GPS to identify the location of the requesting user and providing for currency exchange rates instantaneously. Currently, when a local exchange rate is to be used in an application, it has to go through the process of keeping the address of the user and also the process of retrieving the local exchange rate directly instead of requesting for the address.


Resource Scheduling Software Eases Common Staff Determination Problems

Resource Scheduling Software Eases Common Staff Determination Problems

Resource Scheduling Software – In today’s modern world, every business moves fast. This competition is very difficult, so you can’t even take the opportunity to waste a single moment on something that is not valuable to the organization. If you are a small business or mid-level corporate person, you need to work with your employees and customers. You are often busy, watching funds, scheduling shifts or monitoring the supply of resources. In such a tedious and overcrowded schedule, excellent collaborative resource scheduling software can be the right help for you, not only to get the most needed cup of coffee but also some relief from ongoing and increasing workload stress.Resource Scheduling Software

All resource management software is very flexible. You can easily manage most resources, such as employees, vehicles, equipment, rooms used on the project. It also gives you perfect information about the resources that have been consumed and are still available in inventory. This valuable information can be used to maximize overall resource exploitation

Planning Software

Also planning software allows you to send shifts online, or print schedules. You can even send this valuable information via text message or e-mail to your employees. …

Are You Looking For A Computer Network Service Provider?

Are You Looking For A Computer Network Service Provider?

Computer Network Service – If you run a business organization, you know very well the importance of running a computer network without problems. If your network experiences problems that lead to unnecessary downtime, this means loss of business productivity as well as potential revenue. With this in mind, you should always consider hiring a company that specializes in providing complete IT solutions for your computer network services.Computer Network Service

Today, many companies in business provide network services to various organizations. The ideal company to consider for your organization should be able to help you with the following problems:

  • An assessment of your current network and your future needs
  • Installing a new network or expanding your current network
  • Give your network management
  • Provide proactive maintenance and reactionary resolution to your network
  • Provide excessive backup solutions
  • Secure your network on an ongoing base
  • Stay up to date with trends while providing updates on new technology
  • Infrastructure support which includes rack, cable and patch panel installation
  • IT problem-solving solutions from help desk to network engineer
  • 24 x 7 x 365 network monitoring solution
  • Help Desk Support which provides 24 x 7 telephone and remote support


Computer Speaker Reviews – What to Look for When Buying Computer Speakers

Computer Speaker Reviews – What to Look for When Buying Computer Speakers

Computer speakers are an often ignored accessory. They are rarely on the top of any buyer’s wish list. Instead, buyers tend to spend more time obsessing over faster graphics cards, better CPUs and bigger monitors. But when you consider the amount of time you spend using your computer speakers, it makes sense to devote a little attention to them. So here’s a list of things you need to look out for when buying computer speakers:Computer Speakers

1. Surround Sound? 2.1? 5.1?

The first consideration when buying computer speakers is the setup – surround sound, 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 and so on. A 2.0 speaker setup has just two speakers, while a 2.1 set has two speakers and one woofer. A 3.1 setup has three speakers and one woofer. The performance of different setups varies a lot – a 2.0 speaker set will be cheaper and usually deliver an ordinary performance, while a 5.1 speaker system will deliver a high quality surround sound performance.

2. Cost

Cost is an obvious factor when buying computer speakers. An ordinary set of 2.0 speakers can be bought for less than $30, while …

Fast Teks On Site Computer Franchise Review

Fast Teks On Site Computer Franchise Review

Computer Franchise Introduction: Fast Teks On Site Computer Franchise is among the many on-site computer services companies. Their main aim is to target small businesses with information technology support and residential computer repairs. Therefore, Fast Teks On site services are great in demand as businesses and people rely upon their computers to properly work. In other words, 80% of all households in the US have a computer and often times are unfamiliar with how to troubleshoot and correct problems.Computer Franchise

Fast Teks On Site Computer business was established in 1998. With franchise operations staring in 2004. Since then Fast Teks has become one of the leading franchises which provide technical support services to both consumers as well as businesses along with computer repair facilities.

Benefits: Fast teks franchise system has been designed in such a way, that it can be counted among the most reasonably priced options. Areas, where you will be trained to service, include:

Removal of Virus’s, Worms and Spyware

  • National Referral Partners
  • Technology Consulting
  • Data Recovery & Back-Up
  • Wireless Networking
  • DSL and Cable Modem Setup
  • QuickBooks Experts
  • Software Training
  • Virtual Support
  • Remote Services
  • Computer Sales
  • Website Designing, Development, and Hosting

You …

What You Can Do With A Computer Networking Degree

What You Can Do With A Computer Networking Degree

Computer Networking Degree – Think about how many media to large scale businesses in the United States use computer networks and how critical the stability of those networks are to their daily operations and ultimately their bottom line. If the network goes down, it often means that employees who depend on it confront it on unproductive work days and businesses suffer greatly. That is why there is such high demand for Computer Networking Techs across all industry types. Another name for this line of work is Network Administration and it involves managing the communication infrastructure of computers.Computer Networking Degree

About The Job

All employees have their own workstation, which they perform a variety of tasks. From basic email to complex software apps specific to their job function. When there are problems with the network that require a higher level of professional knowledge. A Network Administrator steps in to help resolve the situation. Workstations and servers are connected on the network and communicate using a variety of protocols such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or TCPIP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).

One way to think of it is to imagine a series of “highways” that, …

What You Should Look For Before Joining An Internet Marketing Program

What You Should Look For Before Joining An Internet Marketing Program


Internet Marketing Program – Establishing an internet business easily is possible for anyone if you are truly passionate about this and can find a way to invest time and energy into it. A good money-creating Internet business inside a specific niche market can offer you the ability to make a minimum $10,000 salary every month. You have to be careful though – there are many scams which you just have to keep ignoring (it is very difficult to not at least have a peek at “$23,769.27 in the first 5 days…” – but you just have to) if you wish to achieve good results. I am going to go over the best approach so that you can set up your business online.Internet Marketing Program

It Will take Hard Work

Each and every real business calls for hard work, and of course. This is the case in setting up a web-based business. If you are actually passionate and ready to work hard, you’ll certainly achieve success in reaching your objectives. It almost goes without saying that it is always necessary that you should plan well and proceed in a strategic way. …

The Magic Button – The Real Secret To Internet Marketing Success

The Magic Button – The Real Secret To Internet Marketing Success

Internet Marketing Success – Anyone that has been in Internet Marketing for any length of time will hear that there is no magic button to Internet Marketing Success.  Well, I am here to tell you, I have finally found it after years of trial and error. I found it and before I could publish it to the world, some unknown shoe company beat me to it.  This little company called Nike said Just Do It.

Wow, what a secret.  A major disappointment.  If you are like me, you enjoy reading those sales letters.  The juices get to flowing, and you finally found that magic button. And you can envision cashing those checks because anytime you want. And you can push that magic button and outflows a never-ending stream of cash.Internet Marketing Success

The Magic Button

You send your payment and can’t wait for the download. And it finally arrives and you are about to hit the magic button and then it hits you like a ton of bricks as you read your new-found report and there really isn’t an easy, fix-all, do nothing program as simple as hitting a button …