How Does Web Application Security Affect Me?

How Does Web Application Security Affect Me?

Web Application Security is compromised daily and now account for the majority of vulnerabilities on the Internet.

Website weaknesses are a major way that cyber criminals, working with hacking techniques, can steal sensitive data. With this data, nefarious crooks can affect companies and individuals alike; there is little distinction between Fortune 500 Companies and an end user with a credit card. They often just follow the path of least resistance.Web Application Security

Online data theft is not a game. While some hackers will brag about having breached the security of a web application and gained access to sensitive data, the criminals have money, not bragging rights in their cross-hairs. Extortion is sometimes the name of the game. If data can be held at ransom by thieves, depending on how sensitive the data is, they can demand a huge sum of money.

Many ways web application attacks affect companies and individuals. Imagine this “what if” situation. Large Fortune 500 companies were attacked by organized attacks and credit card numbers were taken and held as ransom by organized crime groups. Then, Word came out and Fortune 500 companies were undergoing large-scale audits and security audits.

Programmers Design Web

The company’s clients and customers have lost confidence in the security of the company and are starting to take their business elsewhere. The company then begins to lose revenue and customers begin to find that their credit card is illegally collecting it. Credit card companies are involved and lose money too. In other words, No one is immune to this website attack, be it a large corporation or an individual.

Because programmers design web applications to make it easier to access and use them, often criminal groups target these features. Programmers must protect their applications by following safe coding practices to filter out all attacks and create a safe place for their clients’ customers to do business.

One of the main ways hackers penetrate web applications is through SQL injection attacks. SQL injection attacks can use it to access sensitive data or do a number of things damage the data that users store in a web application database. Cross site scripting attacks are also common. This attack occurs when they enter malicious code and they execute it when a user loads an infected page. Denial of service attacks are also popular. This happens when the network hosting the website flooding with useless requests sent by criminals who create so much traffic that the network or system crashes.

It’s a wild world out there…


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