Computer Application Programming

Computer Application

Application programming is a good place to start programming if you are happy to build a substantial program. For example, you can make a simple game application. Getting started Programming applications is more difficult, but can be much stronger in the right hand. While knowledge of web development can only be used to create programs that run in a web browser, the application runs directly on the computer. In addition, mobile development (discussed later) is very closely related to application programming. Many of the same techniques apply, you only need to know the library is a little different.Application Programming

learning application programming

However, there are disadvantages, especially in the level of difficulty. Web development has a much lower learning curve. You can start creating websites very quickly. Can’t say the same about application programming. Even simple games require a lot of knowledge. For example, the game might require OpenGL to draw a graph of the game on the screen. To do that, you need knowledge about the OpenGL library and how it works. You have to integrate the graphics part of your game with the game’s mechanical code. Integrating sound into the game is another library. And 3D graphics become more complex.

But that does not mean that all application programming is very difficult. Write applications for various fields other than games. However, instead of thinking of graphics, you generally need to know the algorithms and data structures. The checkbook application will require a database to store accounts and transactions, for example. Text editors need to work with different content files and encryption.

C ++ and Java

If you want to program a mobile application, learning application programming is a good place to start. The two main cellular platforms are iOS and Android. iOS uses a programming language called Objective-C, which is related to C ++. Android uses the Java language. Both C ++ and Java are important and closely related programming languages ​​that are used to build applications, so learning application programming will give you great support if you want to start mobile work. And it’s not just a library, but a similar method. While web development is oriented around web browsers, cellular development is made for what is basically a shrinking computer.

Overall, application programming is sometimes difficult, but it is very useful when you can see the programs that you coded yourself. Once you understand the concepts of computer science, you can create anything.

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