5 Steps Involved In Web Application Development

5 Steps Involved In Web Application Development

Web Application Development – Nowadays, web applications are becoming very popular. One of the main reasons for their popularity is its compatibility on many different platforms. Webmail, online auctions, and wikis are the most common types of web applications. Then This article is related to various stages of development for web applications.Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development

Web application development has spread everywhere. There are a total of five phases involved in developing web applications. The five steps are as follows:

  • Information Collection.
  • Plan the steps needed.
  • Design
  • Development
  • Test the application and make support.

The rest of this article deals with these five phases in more detail.

Information Collection

This is the phase when an idea is chosen to bring work. Not all ideas are feasible to create web applications. In this phase, you need to work on available data and set goals. Developers and management sit together so they can discuss project objectives. Goals must include recognition of the limitations placed on the project and project schedule. The outline of work must also be made by people in this phase so that their goals can be achieved. Therefore, There must be a decision at the end of the phase, the work process and the final results expected by the project.

Plan the steps needed

For the whole project, this phase is very important. This phase is related to determining “how” of the application. You have to find questions in this phase like which language is best for this project, what features you should include in your application and so on. Planning and functional specifications are the main features of this phase. In other words, The time frame will be determined for the project with planning and functional specifications will highlight the project functions and flows.


The most important key factor to consider is the target audience. To strengthen your company’s identity, the design is an important element. In other words, You need to mix and match your website with logos and colors that can attract your visitors. The most important reason is to give you the opportunity to express your likes and dislikes on site design. Then comes the development phase.

Web Application Development

Now it’s time to set the baseline for construction work to begin. Therefore, The developer starts coding, testing, and publishing data. Data variables, entities, and coding procedures are specified in this phase. After that information is presented to management for review.

Testing and Support Phase

This phase mainly focuses on testing and fixing small and large bugs, network differences and complications that can cause application failure. so free articles, policies, and procedures are made for successful support systems.

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