Building Your List – Starting Your List From Scratch

Building Your List – Starting Your List From Scratch

Building your list is essential to internet marketing. Every internet marketer with any success has a list of responsive subscribers. It is very important to have people subscribed to your list to promote to them. Here are the steps to take to build your list: 1. Set up an autoresponder. This is a third party service that you will set up to automatically send your emails to your list at your scheduled intervals. You create a relationship with your list by emailing them on a regular basis.

Starting Your List From Scratch

You want to build the trust of your subscribers so that they will buy from you. The best way to do this is by offering them good content that will be useful to them, as well as promoting quality products to sell to them. 2. Make a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a small sales page of no more than 300 words where you are going to promote an offer. It usually consists of a headline, a list of benefits, and a call to action. The main purpose of the squeeze page is to obtain the names and email addresses of the subscribers and in this way add them to your list. 3. Create an offer.

This can be a paid offer or a free offer. It is a good idea to create free offers to build your list. For example, you can offer a weekly newsletter for people to sign up to your list. The newsletter is actually a good way also to build a relationship with your list, as you will be communicating with them in your own voice on a weekly or biweekly basis. Once you have the above three ingredients you are ready to promote your offers. There are many different ways that you can do this. You can set up ad marketing campaigns, whether on free sites or by pay per click advertising on the search engines.

You can do article marketing and submit your articles to article directories as well as social bookmarking, and ezines directories. The social media is another way to promote yourself and build your list. Twitter and Facebook, are two of the most popular sites on the Internet for gaining exposure as an internet marketer. The forums are another similar way of social media, where people in the different niches congregate. There are many forums that specialize in the different niches. You build relationships by exchanging ideas and views with others in your same niche.

You also contribute whatever knowledge you have to answer questions that other people ask. Building your list will always be an ongoing process. The more people you have on your list, the better. You will also lose some along the way, as anyone can opt out at any time. You are always going to be using the above 3 steps. These are the basics of any internet marketing campaign.

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